Do you have data at home or at work that you simple cannot afford to lose?

Wouldn't it be great to have all of your digital media in one location, yet be able to access it anywhere in the house?

Is your business looking for a reliable yet cost-effective storage solution that “plays nice” with your office network?

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Here are just a few examples: SMB Rackmount, SMB Tower, Soho/Home

Let us show you how Thecus keeps your data safe and secure.

Thecus Setup Diagram

From movies and music, to photos and email, digital content has become an essential component in the way we work and play. With computers within easy reach, portable cameras and video recorders that can be carried in our pockets, and MP3 players that fit in the palm of our hand, obtaining digital content is not a problem.

The challenge is how we can store and secure it all.

We're Thecus, and securing digital data is our business. We offer a multitude of networked storage solutions that offer the utmost security, performance and flexibility for our users. In fact, our products have garnered numerous awards and accolades from various IT media and publications around the world.


Whether you're looking for a media streaming and storage device for the living room, or a rack-mounted multi-bay NAS for the IT room, Thecus has a storage solution for you. 

Total Data Security

Having data means nothing if it can't be kept safe. That's why Thecus products offer a multitude of safeguards to protect your data from unexpected disasters. Most Thecus storage solutions come with RAID functionality, protecting your data from physical disk malfunctions. If the unexpected occurs, simply replace the malfunctioning disk with a new one and your data is retained. With the easy-to-use Thecus Backup Utility, you can even move your data to an offsite backup device completely automatically, ensuring that not even a natural disaster such as a fire or flood can affect your data. If anything out of the ordinary occurs, your Thecus product can even send you an e-mail notification -- how's that for trustworthy? With Thecus, losing precious data is one less thing you'll have to worry about. 

Ultimate Performance

We know that our customers want to spend their time enjoying their digital content, not waiting around for it. The tech-heads at Thecus have always been performance nuts, and it shows. Through meticulous tweaking and speed optimizations, each Thecus product delivers best-in-class data throughput. Copy your entire photo library from your Thecus device to your computer in record time. Stream movies and music directly from your Thecus product and enjoy it in the comfort of your own living room. It's all possible with Thecus performance. Also, the team at Thecus consistently improves on their own drivers and software, giving performance-enhancing updates that can be downloaded from our website free-of-charge.

Your life moves pretty fast. Shouldn't your storage solution be able to keep up?

Unlimited Flexibility

If storage was the only thing on the agenda, there are many choices out there. But if you're looking for a storage device that can do worlds more, look no further. Thecus products offer both functionality and flexibility that go above and beyond what people have come to expect from storage devices. Access your data your way by using your Thecus storage device through your network as a NAS, through USB or Firewire as a DAS, or wirelessly with a USB wireless dongle. On select models, you can even mount them as an iSCSI volume. Download files without a PC with the built-in Download Manager. Keep an eye on things by attaching an IP Camera using your Thecus device and using it as a Home Surveillance Server. Share photos and files with the world with the built-in FTP and web server.

But it doesn't stop there.

Many Thecus products support external software modules, which allow you to expand the functionality of your device even further. With external modules, the possibilities with Thecus devices are truly limitless.


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