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LabelWorks Cartridges

Create extraordinary labels with Epson LabelWorks LK Tape Cartridges offering luxury, premium labeling.


  • Standard Label

    This great-value white label tape is perfect for everyday use. It’s available in a wide range of widths, from 6mm to 36mm, with a choice of red, blue or black text.

  • Pastel Label

    Choose from pastel yellow or red with black text for a coloured label that’s a little more subtle.

  • Transparent Label

    Perfect for more discreet labelling, this transparent tape comes in a choice of widths, from 6mm to 36mm. Choose from white or black text.

  • Strong Adhesive Label

    These labels are backed with extra-strength adhesive for a secure hold and long-lasting sticking power.

  • Satin Ribbon

    This great-value satin ribbon tape is perfect for customised messages for gifts wrapping.

  • Vivid Label

    The labels’ black background looks discreet when used on black surfaces, while the white text is easy to read. Available in black with white text

  • Fluorescent Label

    The brightest label tape in the range – ideal for high-visibility labelling that demands attention. Available in fluorescent yellow or green with black text

  • Matte Label

    This matte silver tape with black text is ideal for printing barcodes onto, as its matte silver surface is easily scanned. It’s also ideal when a more modern look and feel is needed.

  • Metallic Label

    Offering luxury, premium-look labelling, these metallic tapes come in glossy silver or gold with black text

  • Matte Paper Label

    This paper label tape has a matte white surface which is easy to write on. It can also be printed with black text.

  • Iron On Label

    Create durable, long-lasting name tags for work clothing. Ideal for maintenance, healthcare and catering industries, simply print out your own label and iron directly onto clothes – no need for a separate piece of fabric or protective covering.

  • Heat Resistant Label

    Able to withstand extremely high temperatures of up to 225 degrees Celsius, this safety tape is ideal for factories, warehouses and other hazardous environments. You can easily asset-tag a wide variety of items, safe in the knowledge that these long-lasting labels will stay attached.

  • Heat Shrink Tube

    The best solution for fast electrical and audio, video, data cable management. Use with datacom cables, wire harnesses, building wire terminations and more.

  • Magnetic Label

    Magnetic labels are designed for easy application to any metal cabinet or surface and can be reused many times. They are ideal for inventory management or schedule, team, and project management.

  • Glow-in-the-Dark Label

    This safety tape is ideal for labelling equipment and areas, such as stairs and emergency exits, as it glows in the dark for up to eight hours. Durable and long-lasting, anything tagged with these tapes will be easy to see - even long after after the lights have been switched off.

  • Reflective Label

    Ideal for low light levels or environments with poor visibility, this safety tape ensures that important items and materials can still be seen. Thanks to their durable, long-lasting coating, reflective labels can be used both indoors and outdoors. Ideal for low light levels and long distance barcode scanning.

  • Cable Wrap Tape

    Designed to wrap around and adhere to cables for secure, easy-to-read cable labelling.

  • Die-cut Label

    These pre-cut labels are ideal for asset management, inspection labels, name tags and company logo labels.

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